Small Wunders Child Care Centre's
Age groups and program development

Small Wunders Child Care Centres accept children from 6 months to 5 years of age. Our Centres are open weekdays from 7 am to 6 pm. Our programs are designed to help children maximize their abilities to their age appropriateness.

Infants – 6 months to 18 months 

We offer full and part-time programs for this age group. Routine is part of our consistency, so therefore, we prefer to enroll children on a full week (5 day) basis. Each program offers a caring and stimulating environment that helps each infant meet their needs. Personalized schedules are encouraged when your child commences, but as they grow, develop, and become familiar with our staff, we encourage schedules and feeding times to change, to ensure an easier transition into the next program they may be entering. Daily activities, crafts, songs, games and age appropriate toys surround your child. Infants also experience two hours outdoors (1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon) where children are encouraged to explore their world in a safe and loving environment. The teacher/child ratio in our infant rooms is 1:3, and our infant rooms have a capacity for up to 9 children.

Toddlers – 18 months to 30 months 

We offer full and part time programs that help stimulate physical and mental growth. In this program, planned indoor and outdoor activities give children the freedom to explore in a safe and stimulating environment. Our classrooms encourage both, physical and emotional exploration. The guidance of teachers is very important for this age group. Our carefully selected E.C.E teachers will help encourage age appropriate abilities, such as verbal communication and social interaction. We provide a hot lunch and two snacks daily. Our teachers also introduce “toilet training” in this program, and help the children get onto a routine so they can become successful. The teacher/child ratio in our toddler rooms is 1:5. and our rooms have a capacity for up to 15 children.

JUNIOR PRESCHOOL – 2 ½ to 3 years 

Your preschooler will enjoy our spacious, well lit rooms! Our program will encourage your child to explore language, literacy, mathematics, classification, social interaction, creative experiences, drama, and music. The teachers plan activities based on the interests of the children. Your preschooler will spend lots of time running, jumping, being messy and developing social skills. They also become aware, and learn to function as part of a group in a fun and enthusiastic way, both indoors and outdoors. A hot lunch and two snacks are also served on a daily basis. The teacher/child ratio for this classroom is 1:8, and has a capacity for up to 21 children.

SENIOR PRESCHOOL – 3 to 5 years 

Preparation for Kindergarten is the key element for the senior preschool program. Small Wunders offers this full day program which is designed to introduce Language, Math, Science, and Creative Arts. We are able to be more hands on with the children because our teacher/child ratio remains lower than those in the public education system. Our teacher/child ratio for this classroom is 1:8 and has a capacity for up to 24 children. This full day program also allows children to remain in one consistent place throughout the day, and allows them to still enjoy the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive aspects that their daycare program has to offer. The preschool group is encouraged to rest during a designated “rest time.” This group is also provided a hot lunch and two snacks throughout the day.


As an added feature, we are offering Dance, Fitness and Yoga classes for our toddler and preschool classrooms. This program is provided by Super”U”Fitness, and is offered an no extra charge.

  • Menu

  • All children attending Small Wunders Child Care Centres, are provided a hot lunch and two snacks throughout the day. Parents of the infant program have the option of starting their child on our food, or bringing in their own food. Parents of infants are responsible for supplying their own juice/milk, formula, and/or baby food.
  • Our 4-week, newly revised (2015) menu, has been approved by the Ministry of Education. Our meals are healthy, and meet all the requirements of the four food groups.
  • Children enjoy the taste and the variety of the meals provided. Parents appreciate the fact that most of our foods are made from scratch!
  • We encourage all of our children to eat their meals. It promotes and facilitates good eating habits. With a menu this good, we usually don't have problems with children eating!
  • Click here to view our 4-week menu.

    Other important key notes:

  • Security
  • • All Exit doors are locked, and are equipped with an electronic security lock, which provides parents with ease of access for pick up and drop off. Upon registration, each parent is given access to the daycare's security key code.
  • We have an intercom system which requires visitors to press an intercom button prior to a staff member (usually the supervisor) allowing access into the centre.
  • • Security cameras are installed in every room throughout our facilities, to ensure safety, security and program monitoring. Our Digital Video Recorders can record up to one month of video data for future reference.
  • Playground Structures and Furniture
  • All of our playground structures comply with all of the “Canadian Standards Act” regulations.
    All of our classroom furniture is age appropriate.